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Homes in New Jersey are certainly at risk for high radon levels. Radon is a gas that tends to collect in pressure vacuums, for instance in basements. It enters a home due to its proximity to the ground; common cracks in the foundation being an example of how radon can enter the home. Radon is common in Monmouth County NJ homes; in fact, it is common across the entire US.

This radioactive gas forms via a breakdown of uranium and thorium in soil and rock. Every home has some radon, but the only way to understand the level, including if elevated above the EPA threshold, is to test or inspect for it. According to the EPA, it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer to smoking, period.

Licensed Radon Inspection Monmouth County NJ

Magnified Home Inspections can help to protect your family with a Radon Inspection. Whether proactively or prior to purchasing a new home, pursue a radon inspection in order to know what radon levels are! Homeowners will never know that radon is present without testing for it because this gas is not only odorless and invisible, but it is also tasteless. We are qualified licensed Monmouth County NJ home inspectors and we’re proud to offer Middletown and its’ area towns a top radon inspection service.

Worth mentioning: we have no conflict of interest, we inspect for but do not remediate Radon. When we do your inspection the only goal is to inform you about whether or not you have radon and at what level.

Magnified Home Inspections | Licensed Home Inspector Middletown NJ

Magnified Home Inspections can also answer your Radon questions; we can offer recommendations, including a remediation service. While it should not scare someone from their home, the presence of radon should certainly be revealed so that it can be dealt with.

Magnified home inspections is an owner operated company with multiple licensed home inspectors to meet your needs. With experience in the Monmouth County real estate industry our goal is to give you the most thorough and detailed home inspection to protect your biggest investment. Our multi person operation allows us to accommodate most of your scheduling needs with few exceptions.

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